Power Brake Booster Makes Loud Creaking Noise When Brakes Are Applied

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1983 Ford F150 4WD, 302 motor with brake booster. The power brake booster unit was replaced about 2 years ago with a rebuilt. Truck driven less than 3000 miles since. When brakes are applied, a loud creaking seems to be the end of the Power Booster come when the pedal rod connects. The master cylinder is leaking fluid into the Verdichterstation.Ist lubricate her something on the pedal end of the booster? It is through a cap, which requires the device to inspect the vehicle to be covered. Dont want to lubricate the effort to remove if not to spend.

There are 2 Answers for "Power Brake Booster Makes Loud Creaking Noise When Brakes Are Applied"

    1. SIR GOLFALOT says:

      Take to dealership service dept. Only they can repair.

    2. FLOYD L says:

      have you check to see if the brake rod going thru the fire wall is rubbing on the fire wall.there is a rubber grumet that goes on the hole in the fire wall they could have knock it off when they installed the power booster.