Oxygen Sensor Bad In 1996 Pathfinder

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I was cleaning out the engine bay the other day (carefully) but when I was finished I had a check engine light with 3 codes; both front oxygen sensors on the exhaust manifold and a knock sensor. So is it possible that the oxygen sensors are just bad or do you think that something got screwed up when cleaning the engine bay? Is there a fuse or something that I could possibly check? If it was your car what would you check first? I looked around and all the connections seemed to be okay for the oxygen sensors (I dont know where the knock sensor is). Thanks!!!!

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    1. Ashram says:

      Check the wiring harness connections on the O2 sensors and the knock sensor.

      Don’t assume that, because you were careful, that this could not have occurred. Mistakes and accidents can happen so check it anyways.

    2. Jay Guy says:

      Possible you losened the wires

    3. Marvin A says:

      Cleaning the engine?? soap and WATER ? Better let things dry out for a few days.

    4. Uthockey32 says:

      How did you clean it out? If you used a high pressure water hose you could have caused a short. Drive the car for a day and then clear the codes and see if the come back on. There is no fuse for that system. I would start with the knock sensor. If it is bad it could advance or retard the ignition which could cause oxygen sensor codes. However since these are expensive pieces you would be best off to tack it to a shop that knows Nissan cars.

    5. Bobweb says:

      First, because you get an oxygen sensor (O2) error code, that does not necessarily mean the O2 sensors are bad. Many times it means there’s a problem with the engine which your knock sensor code is indicating. It could be an ignition misfire for example caused by cleaning the engine. If moisture got into the spark plug wells or wires etc, (distributor cap and rotor?), that could cause an ignition misfire which shakes the engine block and sets off the knock sensor. So above all, do not replace the oxygen sensors until you wait for everything to dry out and see why the knock sensor is tripping.

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    6. Baldie says:

      Maybe you hit it by mistake. check the connector, if you were using water, it might have gotten water in it.