My Truck Turns Over, Engine Wont Start, Although It Starts Sometimes Electrical Problem

Posted in Crank, Oil and Piston | Asked on Sep 5, 2010

I have a 1990 chevy cheyenne pickup, i got in to go to the store and it started fine, when i got back in to start it it was doing the same thing as yesterday my buddy and i cleaned off the knock sensor and it worked fine for a day, now its just cranking and not starting, it has enough gas in it and the spark plugs work whats going on?

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  1. Paula H says:

    Sounds like you need to replace the starter.

  2. Gatoblue000 says:

    Are you sure the motor is getting fuel. Chevys have alot of fuel pump problems. I believe your truck has 2 injectors above the throttle body under the air cleaner. When cranking the engine you should see a conical shaped fuel spray coming from both. I have also seen those injectors go bad, the wiring goes bad and melts and they short out. The fuse for the injectors is either ECM 1 or INJ 1 (10 amp). If that does not get it then go back to the ignition. The knock sensor should not prevent the engine from starting. But I did notice in the wiring diagram that the knock sensor is wired to the electronic spark control module which will prevent the engine from starting. I am assuming you are checking the spark when the engine is cranking and not starting. I would also suspect the coil. Good luck.

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