My Chevy S10 Will Start When The Engine Is Cool, But Why Won’t It Start When The Engine Is Warmed Up

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I have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, injector, spark plugs and spark plug wires, and oil filter
1992 chevy s-10 4×2 2.5

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    1. michelle b says:

      I had this problem with my Oldsmobile several years ago. I had the fuel filter changed, fuel pump changes and still the same thing. The problem was in a wiring harness.

    2. Spinner...428 says:

      Year and Model ???? Motor Size ?

      HEI ign ? Opti Spark….

      If it starts everytime when Cool or after sitting for over 6 to 8 hours ????
      BUT when warm or Afterrunning JUST SPINS over and over and over ???

      If HEI its Ign module most likely

      Read more here. ^(

      IF problem keeps up read more here. ^(

    3. shreddinnotes says:

      starter, that has happened to me before more than 1nce

    4. pomohud says:

      i use to have that problem years ago in my Chevy,the fuel line was to close to engine manifold and it would cause a vapor lock in the fuel line,i would put clothes pins on fuel line to insulate and absorb heat ,manufacture started insulating the fuel line next to engine manifold,and it stop the vapor locks,hope that helps.

    5. Daremo says:

      There are two main possibilities:
      1. if the starter is sluggish ( turns but slowly) then check the positive (usually red) wire that goes to the starter for damage, it may be frayed, partially melted and causing the current to the starter motor to be too low to turn it quickly. Another thing to check is the ground strap from the starter to the engine or body, this is usually a braded wire (unshielded) for the same as above.
      2. check to make sure there is a heat shield between the exhaust manifold and the starter. If this is missing or mostly rusted away, there is a lot of heat (over 600 degrees) that the starter is exposed to and this may cause the starter to stop working until it cools down (they have a thermal overload protection built in to the starter motor).