My Car Seems To Be Burning Oil Alot, What Could Be Causing That

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I noticed a slight noise coming from my car, and it seemed to be burning gas alot more than usual, and just..ran alot slower, he AC didn’t blow air as cool, which I had absolutely no idea that the oil would have anything to do with that, tso after I checked it out, I found out that I had absolutely no oil or very little oil left in my engine, and thought how could that be because there are absolutely NO leaks anywhere, at all?

It probably is using up alot of oil, and perhaps I didn’t get my oil changed on time, I’m sure I didn’t I am lazy on keeping up with that.

But I decided to do a little test to see if was the oil, so I poured about 3 cases of it, synthetic oil, and then drove around a bit, and lo and behold, the ac was on full blast and arctic air cold air, no noise,..ran alot smoother and better, accelerated better.

A week or two ago I did see my oil light flash up 2-3 times really quickly and go away which could have been a sign of some sorts that perhaps I was running low on oil, but it didn’t stay on. at that,,I poured about half a case of oil in the tank,..and thoguht that should be enough for a week till I get my oil changed, but that didn’t last…

why is my car burning oil so fast?

I DO drive it alot and it is summer,…but that shouldn’t be the reason. I mean most cars don’t really usually run out of oil…they just need it changed because it becomes old, sticky, no good.


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    1. ken k says:

      what is the year/make/model/engine/miles

    2. LeAnne says:

      Isn’t it amazing what a little lubrication in the engine can do?
      And it’s considerably less expensive than an engine replacement.

    3. mannon/non, man says:

      If it’s blowing a lot of smoke out of the exhaust, it could be the pistons or rings gone bad.

      And cars sure do run out of oil for various reasons, and it sure does destroy the engine if you drive it with no oil.