Location Of Ford Explorer Oil Pressure Sender/Switch

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I have been having problems with my wifes 2002 ford explorer xlt, 4.0 v6, the oil pressure is reading none or 0 for about 10 mins before the cars warms up then it shoots to normal after that timeframe, after readind around ive read its the oil pressure sending unit, is this true, and does anyone know of the location?, thank you in advance, john

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    1. dodge6pak says:

      The oil pressure switch is located on the driver’s side of the block near the front, about level with the water pump.

    2. catmandew says:

      One way to check for sure is to hook up a mechanical gauge to where the sender/switch usually goes, but with how cheap senders are, most people just replace the sender. You can find a picture of it’s location on the 4.0L here;
      http://econtent.autozone.com:24991/znetrgs/repair_guide_content/en_us/images/0900c152/80/1d/ec/81/medium/0900c152801dec81.gif ^(http://www.carparts21.com/goto/http://econtent.autozone.com:24991/znetrgs/repair_guide_content/en_us/images/0900c152/80/1d/ec/81/medium/0900c152801dec81.gif)