Knock Sensor 1986 22re And Head Gasket.

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If u run the engine with a disconnected knock sensor and it causes preignition can this blow your head gasket, currently i am getting pressure built up in the radiator hose and a smell of exhaust fumes in the radiator its not bad and there is no water in the oil at all and for the most part dosent use water it blows it out the cap on the radiator on a warm day of. im guessing that this is minor. and i just replaced the head gasket 70000 ago but ran it atleast 60000 with out a knock sensor and didnt use a thermostat till recently and only when i put the thermostat back in did i notice this problem. so is it possible for me to just tighten the head bolts down and or use some sort of gasket repair like bars stop leak
i was personally thinking of just tightning the head bolts evenly and maybe squeese the gap close will this work.
not having a thermostrat in my truck allowed it to stay constantly cold it nvr got hot when the thermostat wasnt in it. but its winter now and i need effective heat. when i redid the head the first time i had the head shaved by a profesional machine shop. and bought a brand new gasket. with out the thermy in a 22re it will not allow it to get hot it stays cold. this is a very small and minor leak is it possible to just torque the bolts down another 5 pounds to help close the gap again this isnt a bad leak and if i have to i will just simply take the thermy backout and not wry about it till i have more time.

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    1. kelly_f_1999 says:

      well sorry but the thermostat is what control the cooling of the motor without out it the water does not stay in radator long enought to cool and really if you have blow back into radiaotr most likely the head gaske tis blown again and never put bars leak or any othe rkind of stop leak in a radiator is not the right way to fix the problem and many times it not only stops the leak but also plugs other places that you dont want thru causing more problems and really shoul dhave tighten the head bolts right way before cranking it or driving it and if you didnt then might be more of a problem like warp head and blwon head gasket redo your work and do it right.. start over buy new gaskets

    2. Eric B says:

      At this point, just re-torque the head bolts to factory specs and see if it get better. At the worst, you’re going to have to pull it and put a new gasket on, which is your only other option at this point anyway.

      If it were mine, I’d just put a new gasket on now. It takes what – like 3 hours to do the whole job? Unless one of the bolts is really loose and you’ve warped the head, the fire ring on the gasket is probably ruined anyway.

      You’re right about the thermostat and it’s just a coincidence or you just didn’t notice it before. Every time I hear the old argument about how long coolant spends in the radiator it makes me laugh.