Is There Any Thing That Can Be Added To A Hydraulic Car Jack To Fix The Seals

I bought a 3 ton hydraulic jack from kmart a few years back,figuring if i bought a 3 ton for 80 dollars it would last longer than the 2 ton jacks sold for $16+ dollars,i hardly ever used it,then while lowering a compact car [well less than 3 tons] there was a popping noise followed by hydraulic fluid squirting out around the piston, i tried to remove the nut but could not get it loose,have not tried a torch yet to loosen it to get a look at the seals, why are all car jacks falsely listed on what they can handle,is there any liquid additives that would reseal the jack,how can i remove the piston nut, and finally are there any good affordable car jacks out there that last for more than three uses

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