If My Engine Overheats Does The Oil Degrade Enough To Cause Loss Of Oil Pressure

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My water pump recently went out, the engine got pretty hot (not hot enough to blow head gaskets or anything) but when the engine got hot the oil pressure dropped to the red when ever I gave it gas. Now the water pump has been replaced, I have very good oil pressure (even with high RPMs) as long as the engine is cool. When the engine warms up enough and the RPMs raise the oil pressure plummits. I know that heat will thin the oil, what I’m wondering is when the engine got so hot could it have permanently thinned the oil? Should I change the oil? Or am I looking at replacing the oil pump? I really don’t want to replace the oil pump if I don’t have to, it’s in the oil pan and I have to raise the engine to remove the oil pan.

’93 Ford F150
5.0L (302) V8

There are 4 Answers for "If My Engine Overheats Does The Oil Degrade Enough To Cause Loss Of Oil Pressure"

    1. funnyguy says:

      Looks like you have a dirty kicker as we refer it too buckeroo.
      Looks like you need to change the oil pump or the engine. or else your life will plum it without a car.

    2. ife b says:

      NO, it’s not the oil, it’s something internal…either a sensor or the pump. Change the oil still, and then take it to a mechanic to get the vehicle diagnostics.

    3. Betta breeder says:

      Changing the oil is a good place to start. If the problem continues, then it is the pump, leak, or something else.


    4. Terry D says:

      It’s not your oil pump.Change your oil first. As a rule of thumb is 10# oil pressure per 1000 rpm.