I Have Smoke From The Engine Coming Out Under The Hood

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I took it to get checked he just take it look at when engine runs 15 0r 20 minutes it start smoking little, so he think could be anything likep piston rings but he said i could drive around for while if i would let it cool every 20 minute or so and keep the oil in good condition ,i wondering how long can i keep driving? i dont drive much 2-3 times a week only 30 minute each way,i would like keep the car for another 3-4 month before i can get another one,but i dont want the engine totally break down,give me your side advise if this van is ok to drive for while or what ,
i would problly cost 1000 to fix and van is 1999 plymouth youger,thank to everyone

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    1. Monk99 says:

      When did this start up and have you recently had your car serviced(oil change, tune up, etc)?

    2. TJ says:

      u prob need more oil or u ran the engine tp hard and u blew it up or ur going to

    3. puppies.sunshine says:

      It’s probably from the car not being driven enough.
      For the ammt of driving you do, you should just car-share.
      Sitting’s no good for a car.
      I wouldn’t drive it myself in this condition. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I value my personal safety, and don’t feel like becoming a charred smoking carcass.

    4. owner_of_a_lonely_CAR says:

      I don’t know what is the magic about 3 or 4 month. But I would suggest that if possible sell it now and move up your new car schedule to next week. Any money you dump into your car is pretty much just lost. And if the car was to break down, you would lose even more value.

      So just consider what you are risking for the return for the risk. If you get nothing by waiting, then you are actually risking a lot for nothing return in gain.

    5. RebelReaper says:

      Well I would agree with others if you planned on getting a new vehicle now is the time to do so. If not shell out the grand if the vehicle is worth fixing. Even if you let a vehicle sit for awhile wihtout using you still need to do maintenance on it. Every 3 months or 3,000 miles whichever comes first you need to change your oil. Also if you dont use your vehicle alot atleast start it once a week and let it run.