I Have Enough Change But My Pressure Switch Won’t Engage My AC Clutch What Would Cause This

I have a 98 Saturn SL2. Last week the ac stopped working. The compressors clutch would not engage. The pressure was alright, I jumped it & got it running & after that it started working fine. I assumed the clutch/magnet was just dirty (I had a valve leak earlier & there was some oil by the compressor). Then two days later it stopped working again. I checked the voltage going to the compressor & I got nothing. I checked the pressure switch and have no continuity. However I am pretty sure I have enough charge as I just checked that & toped it off with 1.5. I know I have a tiny leak in the low pressure hose but nothing that would cause it not to engage. I checked the fuses & I am all good there. What else is there that would cause this?

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