I Have Accidentally Poured Water In Engine Oil In My Car Hyundai. What To Do . Will A Oil Change Help

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I had mixed water on the top of engine where there was a sign of tap with a water drop and when I had drive the car . After 10 km It started giving jerks and when I pressed full accelerator, It was giving no acceleration and the car eventually stopped . But after some cooling of engine, It started again going to 60 km/hr with no problems and with some white smoke which the car behind me was complaining.

Will a oil change helps ? Or I need to go to a repair center.
help me and my car
Its 1998 model

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    1. DrRocco says:

      Sell the car and throw your driver’s license away. You’re probably better off just not doing the “car thing.”

    2. campmano says:

      its a hyundai!! i would have left it at the side of the road. oil is a drop, water or coolant is waves.

    3. import guy says:

      remove the screw in the oil pan and drain the water…. also buy a new oil filter….. id say go buy 15 quarts of oil, then take the first 10 and pour them in like normal, but leave the drain screw out (obviously because your car wont hold 10 quarts of oil)…..
      then put the screw back in and put in the other 5 quarts….. drive it for a bit but keep your eye on the engine temp….

      good luck, how did you manage to do that anyways?

    4. Country Boy says:

      Change the oil and filter and use 100% synthetic oil and pray a lot. What ever you do don’t start or drive it another inch.

      You’d be better off having someone change it for you of haveit toed to any independant sgop to get the work done.

    5. "To Infinity And Beyond . . says:

      You need to drain the oil immediately ……………..and the filter.

      Replace them and Hope…………… you did not break anything like a head gasket, valve seals, or piston rings .

      Do Not Crank that engine again , till you change the oil and filter completely.

    6. andy says:

      change your oil and oil filter NOW. As long as you don;t drive it far {10 miles or so}, you’ll be OK.

    7. diesel_doctor says:

      well it really depends on how much water you put into the engine because you may have damaged the crankshaft bearrings, if so it’ll be expensive to fix. i would change the oil immediatly and run it to see what happens because if there is any dammage it’s too late anyway but you may be lucky i mean you you can’t hurt it anymore by changing the oil and trying it.