I Have A 2002 Kawasaki KX 250 Dirtbike, With A Defective Cylinder. Can I Just Buy A Sleeve And Install It

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My piston had destroyed the Cylinder wall, but can i install a new sleeve on my own. I have seen that they sell the sleeves on ebay.

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    1. running on empty says:

      If the wall is not scratched to deep, you can hone the cylinder.If it is deep, you will have to bore the cylinder requiring a slightly larger piston

    2. Joe B says:

      that can be done, but it must be bored out to fit the sleeve and the sleeve must be pressed in to a “0” tolerance fit.
      this must be done by a professional that owns expensive measuring and press, and boring equipment.
      I notice in almost every motorcycle magazine there are advertisements of businesses that offer that service, you simply send them the cyl and they send it back to you with a repair sleeve installed.

    3. friedach says:

      if you can do the job, why are you asking us? actually re-sleeving is quite an artform, and you’d better not get it wrong.

    4. infoman6617 says:

      st buy a new one and some new rings…. rebuild kit dont for get the gaskets… make sure you clean it all out before and yes thats how we do it… not that hard of a job most of the time

    5. mushki says:

      You have the right idea, you will need to re-sleeve it. This is not the easiest job to do safely since you should take the engine out, although I am sure it could be done in the bike if you were real creative, but it may just be faster to remove the engine. The hardest part is getting the old sleeve out, remember that even though it is shot you do not want to damage anything else around it while getting it out. Hopefully someone can post an easy way of getting them out, I never found an easy way of doing it. Getting the new sleeve in is easy though-liquid nitrogen the sleeve. Getting it that cold shrinks it so it just slides in. It will warm up and be tight on the walls.

      I would only get a Kawasaki sleeve, you may be able to get that on e-bay but defiantly stay away from someones homemade junk since it will most likely be made out of a different grade of metal and not last as long, if at all.

      While you are at it rebuild the top end so you will not have any more down time for the bike anytime too soon.