How To Clean The Knock Sensor In My Car. 96 Lexus Its Under The Head Of The Engine

Posted in Crank, Oil and Piston | Asked on Jul 10, 2010

How to clean the knock sensor in my car. 96 lexus its under the head of the engine?

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  1. Karle says:

    um wat do u mean clean it???…. if its not working u have to replace it… there is no such thing as cleaning a knock sensor…….unless of course u mean u have oil/dirt built up on the connections…… spray it with a dishwash soap and water mix and let dry … repeat and use small brush if needed………

  2. tomblindewey says:

    they have a kit it is called b.g fuel injection cleaner it’s the best i have ever seen i have used it many times.just follow the directions. will help with performance as well. it will clean the complete combustion chambers and knock sensor. note. these type of cars will not perform well with reg gas.

  3. Silent says:

    try fuel system cleaner from Chevron every full up must put 12 gallon of 91 octane your check engine light is turn off and quiting coming back after the third bottle
    you have to rest the battery is disconnect BATTERY for 1 min and connected it back that will reset your check engine light )
    Good luck

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