How Do I Know If I Need A Radiator With Or Without An Engine Oil Cooler

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I need a new radiator, and I want to replace it myself, but have no idea if I need one with or without an engine oil cooler. A mechanic looked at my pickup and gave me an estimate for a radiator that has an engine oil cooler, but I wanted to make sure it was right or if he was just trying to sell me a more expensive radiator. I have a 1999 5.3L V8 Silverado Ext. Cab with Automatic Transmission. How do I find out which one I need?

And I’m sure there will be some people that say, “Look at the grill, you have a chevy bowtie, that’s your problem lololololol.” Just for the record, I was in a wreck, and it’s not the original radiator that came with the pickup.
All the radiators that I am finding do have a transmission oil cooler, but the engine oil cooler seems to be optional. I don’t do much towing or heavy hauling very often, though I do get stuck with furniture-hauling duty for friends when the occasion arises. Thanks!

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    1. JEFF B says:

      a good place to find this info is a dealer and ill tell ya why, my exp. is to ask you these questions are you loaded in the truck or are they pulling loads, pushing snow, these factors raise your trany temp considerable, so then say why risk trany problems, you will not loose rpms or speed by adding it , if anything its a insurance policy to you and your trany

    2. War Wagon says:

      I don’t know much about the later models, but typically the radiator would already be equipped with a small transmission (not engine) oil cooler. It is located in the bottom tank of the radiator. An engine oil cooler is generally used for towing heavy loads rather frequently, and is usually mounted in front of and separate of the radiator. But the best way to determine this without crawling under the vehicle would be to contact your local dealer and have your VIN number ready.

    3. smoke says:

      I have never heard of a radiator with an engine oil cooler, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Look at your radiator and see how many lines are connected to it other than water hoses and just get another one just like the one you have.