How Do I Know If I Need A Radiator With Or Without An Engine Oil Cooler

I need a new radiator, and I want to replace it myself, but have no idea if I need one with or without an engine oil cooler. A mechanic looked at my pickup and gave me an estimate for a radiator that has an engine oil cooler, but I wanted to make sure it was right or if he was just trying to sell me a more expensive radiator. I have a 1999 5.3L V8 Silverado Ext. Cab with Automatic Transmission. How do I find out which one I need?

And I’m sure there will be some people that say, “Look at the grill, you have a chevy bowtie, that’s your problem lololololol.” Just for the record, I was in a wreck, and it’s not the original radiator that came with the pickup.
All the radiators that I am finding do have a transmission oil cooler, but the engine oil cooler seems to be optional. I don’t do much towing or heavy hauling very often, though I do get stuck with furniture-hauling duty for friends when the occasion arises. Thanks!

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