How Do I Bypass The Knock Sensor On My 93 Chevy 350

It has a fresh rebuild, new plugs, coil, wires, distributor, cam, pistons, headers, and exhaust. and when it is cold outside 5-30 degrees it seems like it is misfiring, and sometimes does it so bad it kills, plus a lack of power, and seldom, and random misfiring/hesitation when warm, when i hit the gas. any thoughts would be helpful.
i have a fresh rebuilt 1993 350 TBI, with a new cam, newer heads (lower miles on heads) from a 1989 heavy duty model 350 (4-bolt main, instead of 2-bolt), plugs, wires, coil, distributor, and new sensors. the check engine light has been on scene i rebuilt it, and i had it checked it was the knock sensor. one of 2 things could be setting it off, the gear drive i installed or the headers. in any case and i need a way to bypass it. it is a one wire knock sensor so i unplugged it for now. of course this could not be the problem for why it misfires. any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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