How Do I Bypass The Knock Sensor On My 93 Chevy 350

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It has a fresh rebuild, new plugs, coil, wires, distributor, cam, pistons, headers, and exhaust. and when it is cold outside 5-30 degrees it seems like it is misfiring, and sometimes does it so bad it kills, plus a lack of power, and seldom, and random misfiring/hesitation when warm, when i hit the gas. any thoughts would be helpful.
i have a fresh rebuilt 1993 350 TBI, with a new cam, newer heads (lower miles on heads) from a 1989 heavy duty model 350 (4-bolt main, instead of 2-bolt), plugs, wires, coil, distributor, and new sensors. the check engine light has been on scene i rebuilt it, and i had it checked it was the knock sensor. one of 2 things could be setting it off, the gear drive i installed or the headers. in any case and i need a way to bypass it. it is a one wire knock sensor so i unplugged it for now. of course this could not be the problem for why it misfires. any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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    1. Apoorapothecary says:

      One of the things I’ve heard about the early to mid 90’s engines is that there’s a sensitivity to how the knock sensor is installed. If it’s overtorqued when installed, the knock sensor is damaged – resulting in a misread of the knock harmonics, and generally resulting in a misread of normal engine sounds as knocking.

      Otherwise, I don’t remember where I heard it, but I heard of a sensor “swap” to a less sensitive knock sensor on LT1’s. It was a discussion of the use of headers adversely affecting the knock sensor, which could be cured by swapping in an LT4’s. The LS engines have some sort of provision for this trickery as well, as far as I know; however, I don’t know if you could do the equivalent.

    2. Everything Sportbikes says:

      It could be any number of things which you probably dont want to hear, but the knock sensor would not be causing this. I would focus somewhere else on this problem. if its temp. related, i would verify first the ect sensor and related wiring, iat sensor, maf (if applicable) base timing. and also make sure that a wire didnt get pinched under the motor somewhere that is causing a short on wire that is carrying a vital signal to any of the above. usually a pinched or shaven wire from removal or instillation of the motor can cause intermitted and troublesom problems.