How Do I Begin A Small Claims Lawsuit Against An Auto Mechanic Who I Believe Ripped Me Off

I have taken my car (1999 Nissan Maxima) to an auto mechanic in Georgia who charged me $1300 (of which he charged $720 for labor) to correct a “Check Engine” problem. He had told me he needed to replace the EGR Valve, the O2 sensor and the knock sensor. Even after paying him this amount, the problem still shows up. I have taken the car back to him to correct the same problem twice now (all within a one-week span).

On the final visit to his shop, he told me to take the car to the dealer to reprogram an on-board computer.

I am tired and fed-up with this B.S and I am planning to file a lawsuit against this shop owner at a small claims court. Could someone please advice me?
(1) Could I first ask my credit card company to reverse the charges?
(2) In addition, could I launch a complaint through the Better Business Bureau?
(3) Do I have any legal ground at a small claims court?

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