Engine Oil Smells Like Gas After Oil Change

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I went to an express oil change place near my house that i’d been going to for a while now, before I went I marked my oil filter with an X because I had a feeling they weren’t serving me right, well sure enough they forgot to change the oil filter,

I went back they changed the filter, AND the oil again, I use full synthetic from Valvoline (since they have all they’re products and look endorsed by them), now when I get home I check my oil, its very thin, so thin its not even sticking to the crosshatches, yesterday it was thick, supposedly its the same oil?,

I let the car cool off and checked it again, very thin, and now I smelled some strong odor of gas, or a powerful detergent off the dipstick, what could this be? I did add STP fuel injector cleanor in the gas tank (1 bottle) after the oil change then filled my tank,

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    1. Magyver says:

      Clean oil will appear to leave a thinner, cleaner looking mark on the stick. It’s possible you are smelling the additive you put in the gas.

      Usually the only way to get gas in your oil is to have a diaphram rupture in a mechanical fuel pump, which can result in a fire hazzard. Normally, though, if you watch the oil stick you will see the level rise above the full mark, indicating the gas is getting in the pan.

      Watch that oil level closely for a while, just to be safe.