Engine Oil Smells Like Gas After Oil Change

I went to an express oil change place near my house that i’d been going to for a while now, before I went I marked my oil filter with an X because I had a feeling they weren’t serving me right, well sure enough they forgot to change the oil filter,

I went back they changed the filter, AND the oil again, I use full synthetic from Valvoline (since they have all they’re products and look endorsed by them), now when I get home I check my oil, its very thin, so thin its not even sticking to the crosshatches, yesterday it was thick, supposedly its the same oil?,

I let the car cool off and checked it again, very thin, and now I smelled some strong odor of gas, or a powerful detergent off the dipstick, what could this be? I did add STP fuel injector cleanor in the gas tank (1 bottle) after the oil change then filled my tank,

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