Connecting Rod On The Crankshaft Position. Pic Included. Need Quick Help… Chevy 350

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Pic asks for itself. Chevy 350

And if it goes the other way, then just switch it up. That’s no problem, just need to know which way it goes.

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    1. arjun says:

      srry no idea

    2. Dennis F says:

      The side of the rod with the larger chamfer at the edge goes on the outside, against the counterweight.

    3. me i tell you it's me says: ^(

      try that pic, see if you can see it from there. If not, there are more pics of my new and old motors on, which you should be able to get to, from that link…

    4. chevyraceman_383 says:

      The larger part of rod goes to the outside (towards crank counter weight), The small flat sides of rods goes agaist each other.

      Looks like you got it backwards
      Here’s a few pictures of a couple of mine that I built. 1st ones are of a 4vr flattop piston build and last one is a 2vr flat top ^(

      Also remember to look at the piston too. The piston has to go the right way

      If its a dish or 4 vr flat top type piston the dot or arrow on piston has to point towards the front of the block ^( ^(

      If its a 2 vr piston the the valve relifes has to be at the top (intake side) of bore. Also depending on piston the valve pockets may be cut for intake valve (bigger pocket) and exhaust valve (smaller pocket) so if thats the case the piston has to be turned right to match ^(

    5. Dave R says:

      these guys have it right, its outside! you need to take pics when you take these engines apart