Chevy 4.3 Litre 6 Cylinder. Knock Sensor Location

Posted in Crank, Oil and Piston | Asked on Jun 25, 2010

Where can I find it? The obd code reader said it wasn’t receiving a signal from the knock sensor, I bought a knock sensor but where is the old one located on the engine block exactly?

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  1. garyra8668 says:

    i’m not positive on this one, but it should be in the intake manifold somewhere.

  2. hotrod29728 says:

    If you could give a year/make/model of what this is. I can try to help. I have a 4.3L CPI Vortec in a 92 Jimmy. My knock sensor was on the passenger side of the block a little under the manifold. Can be a real hassle to get out though… Good luck with that…

  3. 1984 Z/28 says:

    The knock sensor is located on the passenger side of the block about 2-4 inches above the oil pan you will see it if you go under the vehicle

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