Check Engine Light On In My 97 Maxima. Knock Sensor

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Autozone ran a diagnostic and two of the three problems came as a knock sensor issues. The third was a problem that the emissions said the guy was insignifigant. He recommended adding a pint of Sea Foam in my next tank of gas, which I did, but not solve the problem. I do not know much about cars. Does this mean that the knock sensor needs to be replaced, or that the sensor is the identification of a problem in the engine needs it? Also I just noticed the other day that there is a sticker from the gas cap, which recommends premium fuel. I use regularly. Could this be a part of the problem? Is premium fuel really necessary for this “not-so-high” performance engine? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    1. redman99fla says:

      I also own a 97 maxima and i work for a infiniti dealer . knock sensors commonly go bad on this model.I would suggest that you take it to neither your nissan dealer or a shop that you trust and have them hook it up to there computer to be sure. as for the fuel “YES ” it does take premium . the cheap gas does not have enough octane to keep the injectors clean therefore it will knock. have your shop do a injection clean while its there. GOOD LUCK!!

    2. dodge man says:

      i own a repair shop,and its not the fuel causing it to do this ,,the knock sensor will cause this,,id have it replaced and see if that don’t help it a lot,,they will make an engine run really bad,, but using a lower grade of gas is not going to make that much difference in it good luck hope this help,s.happy new years.

    3. Martin Chemnitz says:

      If you need more information than what Dodge Man suggested, I would hit up ^(

      They have a lot of useful information on the Maximas.

    4. walterkear says:

      YOU MUST use premium fuel. Well… not really must, but yes it could definitely be part of your problem. When you use low grade fuel it forces your knock sensor to work overtime. You get spark knock and this, over time can be damaging. The Maxima’s “VQ30DE” engine is a performance engine. It’s the same engine that goes into the 300Z sports car. That’s why your Maxima is so fun to drive! Premium fuel is reccomended my Nissan (see owner’s manual)

      If treating your car properly, and buying premium fuel doesn’t work see the below on the CEL:
      Get the exact error code from AutoZone, or I would reccomend pulling the Check Engine Light (CEL) code yourself.

      Once you get the code you can get knowledgable of what is actually wrong with the car (See CEL DIY and Codes Explained).

      You don’t need to replace the Knock Sensor, but it will help improve performance and gas mileage if you do. If you want to replace it, the knock sensor can be replaced by yourself (see below link to writeup). They cost about $110 depending on where you get it.

    5. Vixo25 says:

      Maxima’s have always had very high strung engines when it comes to maintanence and the type of fuel you use.

      Let’s break this down for you.

      A knock sensor is one of the many sensors in your car that tell your ecu how the engine is running. It’s a phonic sensor that picks up irregular sounds that can be harmful to your engine.

      Low octane gas in your car will cause your car to knock and can even cause catostrophic engine damage, which I’ve seen more than once.

      My first assumption would be that the gas you’re putting into your car would cause your engine to detonate(alarm the knock sensor), however, that would bring up several different trouble codes(check engine light).

      So if your ecu has stored knock sensor codes, I’d go ahead and check them out. Your mechanic may let the car idle and tap on them slightly to see if the engine idle is affected or not. Your car should stumble because tapping a knock sensor is simulating a badnoise(knock or detonation or ping) which will make your ecu go rich or retard timing(make it safe for that period).

    6. vickie_harden1 says:

      your car has the same motor as mine sr20de. which is one of japans best and most high performance motors. if you could email the codes that autozone gave you to [email protected] ill be glad to help you figure out what is wrong. if you would like to diagnose by yourself a helpful website would be — there is a search tab in there and just type code ___ and fill it in with whatever codes your ecu threw.

      like i said id be glad to help….. email me those codes and lets get started