Car Still Overheating After Water Pump And Thermostat Replacement… Any Suggestions

01 dodge intrepid 3.2L closed radiator- car has been bled out, no leaks. no coolant in the oil and vice versa. no smoke or water coming out the exhaust. there is enought coolant in the system.. fans are fine. no cracked hoses. radiator has no cracks or holes reservoir is fine replaced the cap. the car can run in idle for at least 30 mins and will not get hotter than halfway(where it should be) on the temperature gauge but if i drive it after that the car will overheat within a 1/4 mi. if i start the car and dont allow it to warm up i can make it approx 6 mi before it over heats. if i turn the heat on full blast while i drive it will still overheat but not as fast.. the car runs smooth until the temp goes up then it starts shaking slightly.. ive pretty much run out of options only other thing i can think of as a “honorary mechanic” is the temperature sensor gauge but i’m not sure because the car does start shaking when it gets “too hot”(could that be from the engine flooding?)…
is that (reverse flushing) something that i should be able to do myself? if so how do i do it be as detailed as u can plz
there is no debris b/t the ac and radiator. as far as i can tell the hoses are not being sucked closed. they are all pretty new an dont have so much as a dent
dealership mechanic says that they are not sure what the issue is
thermostat being upside down is a possibility so called “mechanic” didnt remove altenator and other parts to install… ill have that checked today…

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