Car Still Overheating After Water Pump And Thermostat Replacement… Any Suggestions

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01 dodge intrepid 3.2L closed radiator- car has been bled out, no leaks. no coolant in the oil and vice versa. no smoke or water coming out the exhaust. there is enought coolant in the system.. fans are fine. no cracked hoses. radiator has no cracks or holes reservoir is fine replaced the cap. the car can run in idle for at least 30 mins and will not get hotter than halfway(where it should be) on the temperature gauge but if i drive it after that the car will overheat within a 1/4 mi. if i start the car and dont allow it to warm up i can make it approx 6 mi before it over heats. if i turn the heat on full blast while i drive it will still overheat but not as fast.. the car runs smooth until the temp goes up then it starts shaking slightly.. ive pretty much run out of options only other thing i can think of as a “honorary mechanic” is the temperature sensor gauge but i’m not sure because the car does start shaking when it gets “too hot”(could that be from the engine flooding?)…
is that (reverse flushing) something that i should be able to do myself? if so how do i do it be as detailed as u can plz
there is no debris b/t the ac and radiator. as far as i can tell the hoses are not being sucked closed. they are all pretty new an dont have so much as a dent
dealership mechanic says that they are not sure what the issue is
thermostat being upside down is a possibility so called “mechanic” didnt remove altenator and other parts to install… ill have that checked today…

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    1. richard r says:

      reverse flush your radiator

    2. jayt says:

      check and see if anything like leaves or grass has built up between the ac condenser and the radiator. you may be getting enough air at idle to keep it cool but not enough at highway speed. and make sure your hoses arent being sucked closed.

    3. kuok h says:

      If your car is more than 10 years old, there is a possibility that the radiator is partially clogged. Get the professional to check on the condition of the radiator& do the necessary.Should be quite cheap.

    4. Old Man Dirt says:

      The only things that I can think of is that the thermostat was put in upside down or the system needs burped.

    5. Michael S says:

      If you’re able to run your car in the driveway for 30 minutes with no overheating but it overheats quickly when you drive, I would suspect that there is too much heat coming from you transmission lines when you start driving.
      Don’t know what it could be, but I would take it for a transmission check.
      You have to find out if the transmission pump is supposed to be working full time, or just when you drive, and what else the problem could be.

      Edited: If it was the thermostat upside down, you wouldn’t be able to idle for 30 minutes in the driveway. This 30 minutes idling tells the complete story, nothing wrong with cooling system, driving puts too much heat in cooling system.

    6. rosco says:

      HI, Check to see if your automatic clutch is working on your cooling fan on front of radiator.You can watch for operation of fan while radiator heats up water for heater operation.If clutch is not working ,you have no cooling fan. This part can be bought and installed on car. Good Luck.

    7. Joe says:

      An engine that overheats only while being driven like down a highway, but does not overheat while sitting at idle, needs a new radiator.

      That statement above is true, and it has happened to me – twice – and one of the times I had a Radiator Shop completely disassemble it and cleaned out, and they said there was nothing wrong with it. Like you, I had replaced everything else, so I knew it HAD to be the radiator. Replaced it and never had that problem again.

    8. dom says:

      hi this is a little off.. but i have a 2000 lincoln ls 3.9L, i have the same problem with my car. i first found that the car overheated. then i thought the obvious. i changed the thermostat. then found that my overflow was cracked. replaced that. then flushed the radiator/block 3 times. still overheating. i inspected the radiator air holes. fan.(machanical} its on. the goses, heater core, water pump, belt, i bleed the system and replaced cap on overflow. still overheats and bubbles like hot water in a teapot. then i thought the worst. a blown head gasket.. no water or signs in oil. no oil or hydrocarbons in coolant. no white smoke, no polished plugs from antifreeze. what cud it be? and i do have a bad cat that needs to be replaced but im sure thats not the promblem. please help everyone..