Can You Try To Run Your Vehicle Without The Intake Manifold Attached To The Engine

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Details:This engine is a “Quad 4″ 2.3 liters in a Grand am Pontiac,I suspected that the starter went bad ,i took it to the 2 auto parts to have it checked and it wasn’t good,as you may know in this kind of engine you have remove the cooling fan,battery,intake manifold,throttle body,air filter housing,oil dipstick,etc to have access to the starter,,i am getting ready to install a new one but i am wondering if i can install the new starter and try to run the engine for just 2 seconds with out compromising the whole engine,I just trying to avoid a big pain in the neck putting all the components back and find out that the problem is not the starter’s fault ,you get my point,by the way how accurate are the machine that some auto parts store use to check your starter.
I am only 17 and i am trying to learn mechanic on my own,I apologize in advance if my question sounds stupid to those who know a lot about mechanic..
Thank you and have a beautiful Sunday!
Battery was good,i recharged my battery also i did try it by using another battery from a different car that is running good,also the starter was only making a “click” noise for about a week but now is not even doing that batt.seem to be pretty good,i can turn on all my lights,play my stereo,blow the horn,etc.

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    1. Firemedic says:

      You can crank over the engine without the intake manifold in place without a problem. It just wont start. It will get too much air, and no fuel. What makes you think it was a starter? Was the engine cranking over, or just a click? Did you check the battery? Does the battery have > 12.6volts? Still not sure that the intake manifold had to come off the engine to get to the starter if you knew what you were doing. You will need to replace the intake manifold gaskets now that you took it off.

      Also, starters can get a flat spot on the armature and work sometimes, and not others. It is possible to take a bad starter out reinstall it and make it work, just not everytime.

    2. Joe says:

      You can see if it will crank but beware fuel pump comes on as soon as key is on unless you pull fuse to it first. Otherwise, FIRE !!!!!

    3. mustanger says:

      The intake manifold is what provides the air/fuel mixture to the engine. The throttle body meters the fuel. Without them the engine will not run. The starter checkouts are usually pretty accurate. You might be able to turn the engine over to confirm that the starter does indeed work but there’s no way it will run.

    4. dodge6pak says:

      Cranking it over to test the starter without the intake manifold attached is okay – but for safety, remove the fuel pump fuse or relay so that you are not spraying fuel through the injectors.