Can I Get Away With Changing One Connecting Rod.

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I have a chevy 350 block with one bent connecting rod.

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    1. baldie says:

      sure you can, as long as the other ones are good, all you will need to change is the bent one.

    2. Double R says:

      Ah yes. How many times have I done engine repairs on a shoe string budget? I can’t even begin to guess.

      Of course you can replace one connecting rod with success. Especially on a small block Chevy that typically has a very high threshold to band aid repairs.

      Ideally if you were doing a good rebuild, you would take all your rods, find the lightest one, then remove enough material of the other rods until they weighed the same as the lightest. But, then again, ideally if I looked like Brad Pitt, the rest of my life would be perfect too.

      Pay extra attention to the journal of the crankshaft that hosted the bent rod. A bent rod causes uneven wear to the crankshaft if operated too long.

      I am sure other people on here are going to tell you that you can not replace just one rod. But these same people never had to try to keep a car running while keeping kids in braces and keeping a roof over the house.

    3. krazybob613 says:

      In theory – Yes.

      In practice I would not do it for the simple reason that the connecting rods must be all exactly the same weight to prevent nasty engine vibrations at higher RPM’s.

      Having said that, in the unlikely event that you have recently ( within the last year or less ) rebuilt the engine, installing NEW connecting rods at the time, and you can get a single connecting rod of the same exact model which you recently installed … then I see no problem because the manufacturers maintain very strict weight control during production to maintain interchangeability within the specific part number throughout the production run.

    4. retstocks says:

      As long as whatever bent the rod did not damage the crank journal in the process you will be fine with just replacing the one rod. Make sure the new rod is an exact match.
      350 Chevy’s are very resilient, I would give the cylinder a slight scuffing with a hone and replace the rings on that hole and you should be back in business.