Can A Bad Or Nonworking Oxygen Sensor Cause An Engine Misfire

I recently replaced the two O2 sensors before the catalytic converter and my car started shaking. I took it to a ‘reputable’ mechanic shop and they performed a tuneup to fix the misfire on cylinder 6. They tested the coils, changed the spark plugs, etc. and couldn’t fix the problem. I scanned my car and the codes I got were that the knock sensor is malfunctioning (this is not causing the shaking, for sure). I got the oxygen sensors codes which I fixed already, but I still got the code that said that there was no activity on sensor 1, bank 2., and the misfire code on cylinder 6. At the shop, they told me that the problem might be the computer, which I think is very unlikely. I notice that they are strongly based on what the scanner tells them, which is never good for a mechanic shop. They were just guessing. They checked the wires that are connected to the cylinder 6 and found that it is not having enough electricity (the bulb they plugged was flashing dimly.) What might be the problem?
The wires that are connected to the cylinders are not the spark plug wires, though.

’98 Infiniti i30

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