Bolt On Jeep 4.0 Dohc 24v Head 300 Hp Kit For $3k, Would You Buy One

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I found a guy making 24v dohc kits for the straight 6 4.0 engine that basically turns your tired old ohv 12 valve jeep motor into the equivalent of porsche or supra engine with as much hp as a stock vortec 454 & as much torque as a 350 or 360 magnum-with 5-10 mpg better depending on how you drive it. this all sounds swell to me and it would be very nice considering it comes with a custom intake manifold & short ram air filter, head, all the gaskets & hookups, & headers to match, and it would be SWEET to have the power to take on an evo or z28/mustang (the 90’s jeep 4.0’s are that light, look it up) & then tell them i dont nos, supercharger, or turbo, & that my mpg is better than theres & my all motor engine is better-BUT $3k! what do you guys think? just for the sake of arguement if i can sit in on & watch em run one of these on a dyno-is it worth the price?
this comes with an ecu chip to completely remap the ecu as well as the larger required injectors, the fp to run it all, the intake manifold, header, timing equipment etc…
the dohc is setup with timing gears & a chain setup like that of a 99+ dodge 2.7 dohc v6 where the cams are chained together & then only 1 of the cams on each side needs to be turned. also the original head/cam assembly gets removed & blocked off (most of it)

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    1. Jefferson says:

      Well, Vortech 454 engines didn’t make a whole lot of horsepower from the factory. They were mainly a high torque engine and the SS 454 pickup made 255hp. That would be good if a 4.0 liter Jeep engine could make as much torque as a 360 Magnum naturally aspirated, but I don’t think that would happen. It might make that much peak torque, but wouldn’t have as good of a power curve.

      But it sounds like it would be a good sleeper though, so I’d go for it if you’re a big Jeep fan. That motor would make a Wrangler really quick but a Cherokee with 300hp isn’t gonna run with many performance cars.

    2. jeepsarecool says:

      Completely ridiculous.

    3. MustangMike18 says:

      Honestly, seems a bit far fetched. To improve MPG’s you need some sort of chip/tune. If your looking for a good amount of power I would put a supercharger or turbo on it if you have 3k to spend. If your looking for a motor build, I would do the build yourself, you can get a Head,Cam,Intake setup and run a 125 shot of nitrous for that much, and make more hp/tq.

    4. stone says:

      well its your jeep and your money. if that’s what you want to do, then go for it.

    5. redstapler52 says:

      How exactly does he turn the two cams? Its a push rod motor to begin with. Is there an external timing belt that he has made cogs and a cover for? If you could post a link to this kit that would be great, I’d like to see it for myself.

    6. Mike S says:

      I would love to learn more about the conversion. Sounds like it would be fun to sit one on top of my 4.7L stroker block.

      Mike ^(

    7. couriouscouple486 says:

      i have the same engine and i wouldn’t put something like that in my jeep if i didn’t know much about it. I mean people have come up with some really creative idea for more horse power and more torque but it sounds too good to be true. so IMO i wouldn’t do it, 3K is cheap for something so extravagant, i’d really watch what i got into!

    8. cosmo says:

      The simple answer is , WHY ?
      The Cherokee is an OFF ROADER, not a “super car” or some sort of street racer.
      If you want to go faster, get something that is made to go fast in the first place, unless of course, you have some sort of death wish !

    9. drag1line says:

      Cannot be done!
      You MIGHT be able to build the head, but 10-15 better MPG. NO WAY!
      I installed a ported head with 2.02 and 1.60 valves on stock engine. Did gain 10% better mileage but minimal increase in power..
      Would take some radical cams that computer would not be able to handle. This head above, I did install on a 4.7 stroker and gained 51% mMORE HP and 61% more torque, but that is with a 1/2″ stroker motor.
      Note, anything that sounds too good to be true…IS!
      Jaguar uses just your proposed set up and does not get near those spec’s.
      Good Luck

    10. Ya, same answer why you wants to do this. However, check out 454 engine specifications ^( before performing any rebuilding.