Bolt On Jeep 4.0 Dohc 24v Head 300 Hp Kit For $3k, Would You Buy One

I found a guy making 24v dohc kits for the straight 6 4.0 engine that basically turns your tired old ohv 12 valve jeep motor into the equivalent of porsche or supra engine with as much hp as a stock vortec 454 & as much torque as a 350 or 360 magnum-with 5-10 mpg better depending on how you drive it. this all sounds swell to me and it would be very nice considering it comes with a custom intake manifold & short ram air filter, head, all the gaskets & hookups, & headers to match, and it would be SWEET to have the power to take on an evo or z28/mustang (the 90’s jeep 4.0’s are that light, look it up) & then tell them i dont nos, supercharger, or turbo, & that my mpg is better than theres & my all motor engine is better-BUT $3k! what do you guys think? just for the sake of arguement if i can sit in on & watch em run one of these on a dyno-is it worth the price?
this comes with an ecu chip to completely remap the ecu as well as the larger required injectors, the fp to run it all, the intake manifold, header, timing equipment etc…
the dohc is setup with timing gears & a chain setup like that of a 99+ dodge 2.7 dohc v6 where the cams are chained together & then only 1 of the cams on each side needs to be turned. also the original head/cam assembly gets removed & blocked off (most of it)

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