Anyone Know Where I Can Get Parts For A 1955 Evinrude Boat Motor

Posted in Crank, Oil and Piston | Asked on May 30, 2010

I have a 1955 Evinrude Boat motor 7 1/2 hp, and need a connecting rod. I have spent many hours – no avail. I would like to restore this motor.

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  2. Lowcarber says:

    You can try the below site – when I put in what you needed in search it came back with this site – its showing for a seal kit but on the side bar is listing other area’s to check out plus a contact area – maybe if you don’t find what you want you can contact them and see if they have what you need or know where you can get one. Hope this helps. ^(

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  4. Dan K says:

    Check with the experts at The Antique Outboard Club ^(

    They have a Q/A message board called Ask-A-Member, and they have a FREE ads page. You should be able to find one no problem.

    (The first two answers above are generic sites with no real value.)

    Also, on a vintage motor such as yours, be sure to run the gas/oil ratio at 24:1, NOT at 50:1 like newer motors. Use 87-octane, there’s no benefit to going higher than that.

  5. Heywood Jablomi says:

    try ^( or