97 Saturn SL1 Has Oil In Coolant, But No Coolant In Oil.

At the last oil change, I found the oil level about 2 quarts low, and when I looked at the coolant reservoir it had overflowed with oily goo. I guess that the oil had leaked into the coolant, but there was no coolant in the oil as I have seen happen when head gaskets go. What else could it be if not the head gasket?
And if there is a leak where oil gets into the coolant, when the engine is shut off, shouldn’t the pressure in the cooling system force coolant through the leak and back into the oil?
The car still runs fine. No loss of power. No idiot lights ever came on. The temp gage never went into the red or even above normal.
There are two thin lines that go into the right side of the radiator(as you look at it) that come from the engine. Our next stop will be to the dealer (and maybe not for a new head?)
The transmission fluid is still red and clear

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