92 Buick Regal Knock Sensor Location

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To find Hello, I try to knock sensor on my 1992 Buick Regal GS, it has the 3800 engine. I know they are often on the back of the engine cylinder or in the vicinity of a water jacket but I can not seem to find it. Anyone knows? Thanks in advance

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    1. GSD PAL says:

      There are 2 on this engine. With the car in the air look up between the middle back of the block and the transmission.
      If you see it you should now be swearing. What a stupid place to put a knock sensor. The othe one is in the front of the block in the middle near the AC compressor towards the bottom of the block.

    2. musiclicker says:

      I own a shop, and think this: The knock sensor is located in the engine block, one under the right bank cylinder head, and one under the left bank cylinder head. Yours may only have one, and if it is it will be on the passenger side or right bank. To control “Spark Knock”, the knock control system detects “abnormal vibration” in the engine. This system is designed to reduce spark knock up to 10 degrees during periods of heavy detonation. This allows the engine to use maximum spark advance to improve driveability. The knock sensor produces an AC output voltage which increases with the severity of the knock. The signal is fed to the (computer) PCM and the timing is retarded up to 10 degrees to compensate for the severe detonation. Any problem with the knock sensor circuit will set a code 43. Spark knock is not the only thing that will set the code. A bad timing chain is a common problem that causes the timing to go out far enough to cause severe detonation. Most any knock in the engine will do this. You must look down both sides of the block just below the heads for the sensors. Hard to find? Yes! Hard to get to? Yes! Check: Disconnect the electrical connector for the knock sensor and with the ignition key on (engine not running), check the reference voltage from the computer using a voltmeter. It sould be approximately 5.0 volts. Now, check the resistance of the sensor (connector disconnected) using an ohmmeter, it should be approximately 8,200 ohms. If the knock sensor resistance is correct, but there is no reference volatge available, then check the wiring back to the computer, and suspect the computer as the problem. If you can get to it, you can check the sensor by banging on the block with a long extension, or hammer near the sensor (with engine running) and the engine should stumble as you do it, as this should cause a change in the ignition timing.
      Glad to help out, Good Luck!!!

    3. texasm says:

      The first answerer is correct. When I worked in the shop, we called these GM knock sensors ‘Jesus Christ Sensors’. When you try to change them, you will be saying Jesus Christ alot. You may want to verify the knock sensor has failed before putting yourself through the agony of changing one. I had a code for a knock sensor in a 1991 Cutlass 3.1, which was caused by the timing chain jumping time. The code was set by the computer compensating the timing, which also set a code for the cam position sensor. Not sure what the mileage is on yours, but if it has high miles, it may be time for a timing chain. My Cutlass was pushing 275,000 highway miles when I had to replace the timing chain. I didn’t change the knock sensor.