2002 Cadillac Sts Northstar Low Oil Pressure Warning Randomly Chimes, But Doesnt Stay Lit. Anybody Know Why

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Light and bell will be on the ride for a bit only when at a stop when I extinguished light acceleration? Oil pressure switch? Oil pump? Help!

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    1. Larry says:

      it sounds like the oil pressure sending unit. does it idle a little low? a low idle will also trigger the light.

    2. Khan Noonien SIngh says:

      Have a mechanic check your oil pressure to make sure it’s not your pump. it could be a fouled switch, or even a bad oil filter. Are you hearing any knocking? I wouldn’t drive it until you have found out for sure what the problem is. If it’s the pump, and it blows, there goes your motor.

    3. pinball_fan says:

      You may be “over thinking” this. Have you checked to see if your oil level is low? If it IS low, take care of that first. All the other suggestions that you’ve received are possible explanations too, but rule-out the easy one first…

    4. oklatom says:

      Because occasionally at an idle the oil pressure drops below the thresh hold set for warning you. When it does, you get the chime.

      It could be a bad sending unit, it could be that your idle is dropping too low, it could be a bad oil pump, or it could be worn bearings to the point that the oil pressure does indeed drop that low.

      So listen. When that happens, do you also hear any valve clatter or knocking? If so, quit driving it until you fix it. If not, go ahead and drive it to your mechanic to have it evaluated, and then you will have the information you need to make a decision.

    5. Robert M says:

      I hate to say this, but the oil pumps in many Cadillac engines are like tinker toys. If you ever saw one out of the box, you would know what I mean. The oil pressure relief valve, which is part of the oil pump, might be clogging up from sludge. You MUST use Mobil One in these engines. ELF oil is acceptable also, but only if it meets the specifications listed in your owner’s manual. READ your owner’s manual oil specifications section. Another thing that can cause this is a low idle speed. If the idle is too low, it can cause the oil pressure to drop, as well. Clean you throttle body, plate, and IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE with Amzoil Foaming Cleaner. It is hard to find, but worth it. Do this with engine off, at first. Then with engine running full HOT. Use the spray to clean your PCV valve, as well. Use Seafoam or Amzoil crankcase cleaner to remove varnish and sludge that may be inside the oil passageways. Idle the engine for 20-30 minutes. THe penetrant in these cleaners should restore your oil pressure relief valve to good working order. Drian the oil and use the prescribed oils. Your oil pressure should now be stable and the chime should not sound. Have you been using the WRONG OIL all along????? READ your manual 4-5 times and believe what you read. Best of luck to ya’.