1992 GMC K1500 5.7 350 Will Start But Won’t Stay Running.

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The truck will start but will only run for approximately 5-10 seconds before shutting down. It takes sometimes 10-15 times of starting and running then shutting down before it will stay running. Almost like its not getting fuel all the time(fuel pump runs when key is turned). But when it finally does run, it runs great. Please help! Fuel filter, fuel pump relay, oil sender/pressure switch have all been changed since this started.
it is a throttle body intake.

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    1. jason f says:

      i assume you have a TBI intake, have you checked your injectors? also you could disconnect you fuel line at the injectors and turn the key on and see if your getting a good amount of fuel to the injectors. possible try a new fuel pump since you changed every thing but that.

    2. Don E says:

      Could be a defective fuel pressure regulator,failing fuel pump,vacuum leak to map sensor.Check from TBI vacuum plastic line all the way to the MAP sensor for a cracked line and repair if necessary.If problem only arises with the fuel tank half full,it could be a hole on the pressure side of the fuel hose inside the tank.

    3. Lynn B says:

      idle air solenoid could be carboned up & sticking or possibly the throttle position sensor getting bad solenoid can be easily removed & cleaned, tps unplug then try to start