1988 GMC Sierra 2500 4×4 Oil Pressure Gage.

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My oil pressure gage on my truck stops crashes when the truck is idle or while sitting at a traffic light. I replaced the oil pressure switch next to the dealer for a new unit, and it goes further to hop. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it. The truck has a stock 350 engine with an automatic transmission.

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    1. J M says:

      Possibly bad guage or oil pump.

    2. Scott W says:

      The factory gauges are not the best and is the problem,I bet if you hook up a after market gauge it will be fine.

    3. vip.auto says:

      Those earlier models have an oil pressure fuel pump switch (which you have just replaced) as well as an oil pressure sender located underneath by the oil filter adapter. That is the one that operates the gage. Later models, I believe 1990 an newer, eliminated the one by the filter and used a combination sender-switch next to the distributor.
      When you go to the auto part store to buy the sender, either take the old one with you or more simply observe the top reading of your gage, they will ask if it is for a 60 pound or 80 pound gage. Good luck.