What Can Cause White Smoke From An Exhaust After Changing Head Gaskets And Catalytic Converter

What Can Cause White Smoke From an Exhaust System After Changing The Head Gaskets and Catalytic Converter and only last a few seconds and doesn’t do it again? I have a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire SE Sedan! I have a Pacesetter Monza Exhaust System, AEM Cold Air Intake, and a MagnaFlow Hi-Flow Catalytic Converter. When I had the New Hi-Flow Converter put on my car, I had the head gaskets replaced with brand new ones. I also had the oil changed at the same time since it needed it soon anyways. So recap, new gaskets, converter and oil (check). When I first started my car up after I got into it, I let it idle for a little bit to warm up before I took off. The car started to smell like something burning. Then I put the car in reverse and POOF, comes out a white cloud of smoke that only lasts a few seconds! The car ran a few marks above 195 for that day sometimes rise a few more than that. but since running the car a month since that happened, it doesnt smoke, smell, or run extremely hot. before I had this all done, the car would heat up quickly when idleing. going up in temp 6-7 marks above 195. since then it only idels 2-3 marks above 195. still a problem with overheating. Im clueless on what is the problem. new converter, gaskets and a oil change and still overheating problems. I also had the Spark plugs changed and the wires. With all the new parts, I have noticed the car idles @ or around 500-1000rpms which I think is pretty low since it should run around 1000-1500rpms right? a trained Mechanics Help would be appreciated. I want serious answers only, no uncalled for answers!!! Thanks for any help and hope this helps in diagnoseing the problem!

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