Does A High Flow Catalytic Converter Make More Sound

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Say if you bought a magnaflow catback exhaust; would a magnaflow high-flow catalytic converter make it even more loud?
yeah, its got 120k

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    1. Sci says:

      Just a bit, but may not be all that noticeable.

      It is always a good idea to upgrade the cat when doing an exhaust system just to get the extra HP/Torque. Especially if you have over 80K miles on it!!!!!

      ASE Cert Auto Tech, SCCA Member since 1978

    2. Scotty says:

      Yes it would. It isn’t nearly as loud as a straight pipe, also known as a test pipe, but its noticeably louder than a standard OEM catalytic converter. I had both on my 350z and the test pipes sounded ridiculously loud and you had the smell from the exhaust, which for me was a no-no. I bought a set of high-flow cats and they sounded perfect, once they broke in.

    3. Mishi H says:

      Actually all of magnaflows cats and all the ones i know even the regulars at muffler shops al say high flow cat.
      If you want your car louder, go to bigger piping. If you go with 2.5″ it will be hella loud.
      You may even find a shop that will make it for you and save some money as well.
      At least you know you are getting what you want!

    4. Katy says:

      Yes it can, but not too much, you know?