Removing Cclip On Passenger Side Rear Axle Shaft For 94 Ford E150

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Someone already answer portion of my questions at this link:

I have been trying to remove the C-clip that is around the end of the axle shaft with two screw drivers. It kept sliding around the ring. This C-clip do not have any holes for me to use any kind of “ring” removing tool like those you use to remove or insert piston ring and so on.

Someone told me to use a slide hammer and put it at the “wheel side” of the shaft, and then “slide” hammer it out (away from the shaft/wheel end).

I am afraid this might destroy the C-clip and render it unusable.

There is some concave surface at the end of the axle shaft where the C-clip is located.
If the shaft is hammered outwards, this curve surface would let the c-clip slowly slide over the axle shaft’s groove where the clip sits .

When you reply, please be specific and clear. I cannot understand shorthand or “obscure mechanical jargon Thanks

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    1. John C says:

      You have to remove the pinion shaft from the gears in the rear-end before the clip comes out. It is the shaft that holds the two little gears that are parallel to the axles. There is a bolt that holds it in, you must remove it to remove the shaft.
      Once the shaft is out, just push the axle toward the center of the truck, and the clip will pull out. has pictures and complete instructions.

    2. Fred J says:

      The link to the other question is exactly what you need to do. in the rear end itself, you will see a large pin in between the two ends of the axles. that has an 8 mm bolt head holding it in. Remove that bolt and slide that pin out.
      Then you can push in the axle far enough that that c lip will fall off. I use a magnet pickup to pull it off. then slide the axle on out! Be very careful when pulling axle out, there is a gear around the axle end and it will try to fall out. Pay attention to how it sits with its washer so when reinstalling you know how to set it back in.

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