Is It Best To Replace Axle Shafts In Pairs

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I have a 97 subaru impreza and had work recently done. The mech said the cv boot is torn and i need a new front right axle shaft. I elected not to get it done at that visit.

Do i need to replace these in pairs? Why? How much should this run? what are the symptoms and consequences of not repairing it now.

The car has 103,000 on it so i’m trying to reasonable about repairs on it. Last year: new timing belt, this year: new 2nd cat. Now: axles!?


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    1. Rosaleen18 says:


    2. Greasemunky1980 says:

      No need to replace both unless they’re both bad.

    3. Timbob says:

      You can replace just the one side. Can the other side go bad a week later, yeah, possible, but then again it may never go bad. bearings i do in pairs, halfshafts, just the one that went bad.

    4. Jekin says:

      The mechanic is a crook. If the cv joint doesn’t make a noise, The boot can be replaced for less than $29 + labor. They make a boot cover that can be installed without removing the axle. It wraps around the joint and has some glue and snaps. It may last another 100k miles.

    5. Partsman says:

      No they do not need to be replaced in pairs. If it is making a clicking noise when you turn you need to get it done pretty soon. If you wait the CV joint will come apart and you will not be able to drive your car. Axles usually run about $69-$129 plus labor.

    6. Cmojo71 says:

      A good mechanic would suggest replacing the whole axle not just the boot. The axle shaft is the whole axle.
      DONT HAVE IT DONE AT A SUBARU DEALER!!!! It will cost you a fortune.
      Any other auto repair facility would use after market parts. The axle itself should run about $150.00/each or maybe less, but doubtful.
      Labor should be about 45-60 minutes, depending on how hard it is to remove the old axle, Should there be frozen bolts etc…
      Yes, you need to replace the axle if it is bad or you will be looking at more serious issues, like the wheel ( tire) falling off!
      Think of a match box car and the little pins on eachside that hold the wheel on. LOL

    7. Leanne says:

      It is never necessary to replace both axle shafts unless both axle shafts are bad. It also isn’t necessary to replace an axle shaft that isn’t bad because of a torn boot – the CV joint can be cleaned and re-lubricated and a new boot can be installed. The labor is about the same, but the part price is significantly lower.
      Do not continue to drive this with a torn boot or you will definitely need a new shaft due to loss of lubricant and the addition of road grime and grit.