How Do You Take An Axle Nut Off A 1992 Honda Accord

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Ok well Im trying to replace an axle on a 1992 Honda Accord and I have already broke two breaker bars. Is there any other better way then having to use impact gun?

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    1. Jimmy says:

      why yes there is hah, what i usually do is get a long ass pole, like 5 foot, the longer the better (I used a piece of fence pole), and have someone sit in the car with the brakes on. then i put the pole on an ordinary craftsman 1/2″ socket wrench (most people wont recommend this, but if it breaks, they will replace it for free. I have done this lots of times with the same wrench for 3 years and it hasnt broken yet) with your 32mm socket, put that on the nut and then have at it. push, pull, stand on it, whatever it takes. if you heat it real good then that should help also.

      another way if the tire is still on, attach the same contraption to the nut and have the pole touching the ground, slowly (depending on which side) drive forward or backwards so that the you are using the car and the ground for leverage to break the nut free. I really dont recommend this method though as it could be dangerous.

      lastly when your all done, make sure you tighten the hell out of that nut and hammer that notch back in it because if it loosens any, then your wheel bearings could loosen up.

      hope this helps

    2. hmmm says:

      Good luck man, its like he said, you need leverage if you don’t have an electric Impact.

    3. T/A says:

      Sounds like you need to get a better breaker bar.
      Just like any thing else in life you get what you pay for.
      And like already said get a long piece of pipe.
      also make sure that the cotter pin is not still inside the nut.

      I have changed a few axles and never had that much trouble doing it.