How Do I Remove The Front Passenger Drive Axle On A 91 Ford Explorer 4wd

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I am currently an auto tech student and one of the best in my class but I have only been wrenchin for bout four months now and I took a side job this weekend fixin my neighbors ball joints And apparently I bit off more than I can chew. I have never seen this kind of Hub and axle set up before with all these C clips and what looks like the brake rotor/wheel bearing is a single unit. Please just tell me how I get that assembly seperated from the wheel. Some Trick? Thanks

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    1. Native says:

      You must partially remove the disk, then it will push out of your way and allow removal of the half shaft.

    2. Dodge Man says:

      I own a repair shop and you need to go and get a good Haynes repair manual on this one because it covers more than this vehicle also,but these are kind of complicated,and the repair manual you can bill it out to the job,so you,ll still make a good profit on the job,but your going to need it,i can tell you but by looking in the book and doing it,you,ll remember it for a long time,all mechanics if they are good use repair manuals,they help me out every day,but id get a Haynes repair manual ,this is the best advice can give you on this one,advance auto parts has it,good luck with it.

    3. Mr. T says:

      1. Raise the vehicle & place on jack stands

      2. Remove the tire

      3. Remove the allen screws from the hub

      4. Remove the snap ring on the end of the live axle shaft

      5. Remove the external snap ring on the outer edge where the aluminium hub assembly slides in

      6. Spin in an allen screw on either side of the insert

      7. Remove the insert

      8. Remove the calliper assembly

      9. With a special socket, back off the bearing nut

      10. Remove the rotor

      11. Remove the bolts around the spindle

      12. May need a large brass drift punch or air hammer to break the spindle loose from the knuckle.

      13. Remove the clips from the rubber boot over the slip yoke on the live axle

      14. Mark the slip yoke & axle shaft so they are properly aligned upon installation

      15. Slide out live axle shaft

      If you require the axle shaft to be removed from the diff., then you must disassemble the left side. The differential must be removed in order to release the snap ring from the end of the live axle shaft.

      Lots of fun. . .

    4. Gregthomasparke says:

      Mr. T, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am in trade school/apprentiship program right now. I drive a 1989 Ranger. You have just got to love that twin I-Beam suspention. It was a good design in theory, but there were still a lot of flaws. The speclial socket that you need you should be able to rent from a parts store. Yes a good hains manual should help too. If you have access to it, in classes, you may want to look up on Mitchel1 or AllData (noData), or whatever computer diagnosis system you have. Look up the procedure as to if Mr.T missed anything (although it looks bang on). I would seariously choose Mr.T as the best answer on this one.