How Do I Know When A Center Support Bearing For The Drive Shaft Is Going Bad

Posted in Axles & Driveshaft | Asked on Aug 16, 2010

The car is a 1988 toyota supra turba

There are 4 Answers for "How Do I Know When A Center Support Bearing For The Drive Shaft Is Going Bad"

  1. William F. D says:

    Try to twist the drive shafts and see if there is play in the spyder part of the joint.

  2. mybuttstinks2008 says:

    I would not think a car that short would have a center support bearing. If it does, look at the rubber around the bearing and see if it is cracked. Grab the shaft and rock it back and forth. It should be tight

  3. J.R. says:

    Check it manually, as was suggested above. Also, you will likely notice a vibration from the center or rear of the car when driving highway speeds or when accelerating hard.

  4. omnisource says:

    It will spin very very freely if it’s worn. If the race looks scored or burnt, or misshapen-replace it.
    A new bearing’ll offer substantial resistance to spinning. Old bearings don’t support the shaft evenly centered, so you’ll prolly see evidence of slop or wear. Any damaged/broken rubber parts or missing or pitted ball bearings signal time to replace it with a new one.

    Good Luck!

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