Could Broken Engine Mounts Cause Shaking And Shuddering Between 60 And 70 Miles Per Hour

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My car shakes and shudders on the freeway starting at around 60 mph, and ending around 70 mph. It started out gradually, a few weeks ago, but got worse very rapidly. When I ran a search on that symptom on car related websites, the diagnosis that always came back had to do with the axle assembly or suspension. THe most common suggestions were to check the ball joints, cv joints, and cv boots. So is the cause of this problem likely to be the engine mounts, like my mechanic is telling me? If it’s not likely to solve the problem, does it even matter? If I don’t replace a defective engine mount, is it going to damage my engine over time, so that I should really be getting it fixed right now either way? Or should I take my car to a second shop and get a second opinion? It’s sounding like the engine mounts will be a somewhat expensive repair. I have a 1996 Toyota Camry with approximately 125,000 miles on it, if that matters at all. Thanks a lot.
Sorry everyone. I should have included in my original post that I have brand new tires, and I’ve already checked the balance. So it’s not the tires.

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    1. Wizjp says:

      Yes it could. and it can cause long term transmission issues among other things.

    2. Josh S says:

      It’s you’re transmission and/or timing chain.

    3. Fordman says:

      I doubt if the engine mounts are causing the problem. However you do need to get them fixed. As for the shaking problem, look more into the suspension parts and even the tires. I had the same problem with a Taurus, the speeds were different, but it turned out to be bad tires. They had developed flat spots. Good luck.

    4. Smokey says:

      Get the tires balanced

    5. Tvcasualty2003 says:

      You’d notice it a lot sooner if it was engine mounts. your engine would rattle no matter what. Your tranny or timing chain could be bad or your allignment is bad or tires are out of round.

    6. Tlworkroom says:

      I don’t think a broken mount would cause anything severe like “shaking and shuddering”. Usually, it might cause a wobble or shimmey, if you can understand the differences in degree of motion.

      But I agree, that it sounds much more like something else. MOre specifically the steering. Go and get wheel alignment.
      Even a wheel or steering which is out of alignment can cause a shimmey at a certain speed, such as between 60-70 mph. But admittedly, if it’s SHUDDERING, that’s extremely serious and extremely dangerous, and may be as bad as ball joints or cv joints.

      But it’s always good to get a 2nd opinion. Just don’t tell what the first mechanic said. Just take car in to 2nd place, and say what’s wrong and see what they say.

    7. Furniture Man says:

      It very well could be the motor mounts it sounds like it. the motor mounts are cheap i would guess between 10 to 25 bucks a piece there are not hard to install either. good luck

    8. Love_to_travel says:

      I would get your alignment checked first because that can cause shaking. Also check the balance of your tires. But, I would also get the other issue fixed as well. I’m sure it’ll be a lot cheaper to do it now than later. Good luck:)

    9. Timacioust says:

      How funny I have the same car (LE) and I had the same problem. While it isn’t likely (key word likely) the engine mounts it could be them. Those engine mounts help hold locate the engine and by extension of it being mounted to the engine the transmission and the output shafts. So if they are indeed bad replace them. But my issue isn’t whether they are bad and causing the problem. The first thing you do when a bulb goes out in the house is check the bulb you don’t go calling the electrician and having the house rewired on the off chance the wiring went wonky to the lamp. Same with this, the first thing I would do in your case is check the LIKELY suspects. The tire balance, tie rod ends and the ball joints. The CV joints will give you a different type of read but they cannot be ruled out.
      I say go to a second trusted shop and get a written apprasial for the mounts. on my own car the front mount and the top dog bone mount are the ones that I had to replace. Simple job I did in my driveway actually. the rear a bit more tricky that one.
      But take your car first to Discount tire or firestone or some such place and get a balance and rotate on the tires. if there is any problem with them they will show up. Shouldn’t cost you anything great either. Start with the simple cheap things first and eliminate them until you find the problem.
      Good luck!

    10. K R says:

      It sounds like tire balance. How many miles on your tires? When were they last balanced? I would look there first.

    11. Pengy says:

      Do not think it is the motor mounts. Start the car put your foot on the brake, put in reverse, the into drive do you hear a clunk? Put in drive and give it a little gas, Do you hear a clunk? If not most likely not the motor mounts, but rather either flat spot on a tire, or most likely your tires have gone out of balance.