Can I Take The Front Driveshaft Off Of 1994 Grand Cherokee 4X4 All Time

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Will it damage anything? Will it hurt the car?

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    1. Erik W says:

      Yes. nothing will get damaged.

    2. Jeepiegurl says:

      Yep, just no 4 wheel drive….

    3. Drag1line says:

      If you have a 1993-1995 Quadratrac full time four wheel drive system, you have a viscous clutch in the transfer case that makes the system work. It is $780. DO NOT take off the front drive shaft..No No..Under any circumstances!! YOU WILL BURN UP THAT CLUTCH!
      Yes, it will damage the clutch and hurt the Car ( JEEP>…please!)
      Good Luck

    4. Reddogrollen says:

      Do not remove it. the quadra-trac is set up for full time only.
      if you pull the front shaft it will destroy the transfer case and they are not cheap. it usually runs about 2000 bucks for the t-case not including installation.

    5. The400andoverclub says:

      You should be able to loose points for being stupid , why in the world would anyone so blindly say that everythings ok with doing this!?

      If you take that shaft out you will destory the VC in the transfer case, I don’t think your Jeep would even move with that out unless you were in 4×4 low.

      You might be loosing 1-2MPG by haveing the 4×4 system you have. Your system protects you in may ways, if you hit water it will send power to the front and rear where it’s needed to keep you from going out of control, if you run into problems on a gravel road or any road with loose dirt and such they 4×4 system will send power to keep you in control.

      One evening after shopping I drove next door to the walmart looking at the new shopping center they were building, since the sun was setting it was hard to see because the sun was in my eyes and while trying to get out of this place I turned into a road that led out, will the road was dirt and it seems that a track hoe had made a rather deep rut, it was filled with water and at a glance with the sun in my eyes and looking for a way out I went right in, the front of the jeep went in and as soon as I figured out what happend I kept moving and gave it more gas and walked right out.

      I had a 1998 5.9 LX (rare) with the full time unit, it saved me from my own stupid. Had I had a car I would have gotten stuck, had I had to get out and lock in “hubs” I would have gotten wet and muddy and still may have got stuck, however with this system I went in and right out, the water was deep enough that my best guess is that it was as deep eought to go over my factory driveing lights.

      As I drove out of that hole I ended up sticking my pass front tire in the second hole as I turned left to go between the tracks, the mud was up to my front valance and despite dunking it fulling in then getting my pass tire in the second track it pulled me out and past the deep mud.

      It saved me again when a storm hit and the rain was flooding out areas, this time I was in my 02 Limited with factory limited slips front and rear, I went into mud hidden under bottom door deepness.

      I cant see not haveing a full time Jeep, it’s dam safe and can save you from those “Only In a Jeep” moments.

      Hope this helped