Why Does My 1998 Nissan Altima Squeal Loudly ONLY When I Turn On The AC

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Question: Why Does My 1998 Nissan Altima Squeal Loudly ONLY When I Turn On The AC,
I have a 1998 Nissan Altima, fundamental version 5-velocity. When I turn on m Ac, and only when I switch on my Air conditioning unit, something squeals rather terribly. I replaced the belts myself just before this started happening but because it ONLY happens when I turn on the Air conditioner – it can not be that. Any concepts?
The squeal goes absent after twenty or 30 secs.
Also – the two enthusiasts the maintain the motor awesome…. they kick off each so typically, as they must. When they kick again ON, it might squeal rapidly, barely at all or a good deal. So it COULD be no matter what kicks people two supporters on. Whatever that may be… compressor? not confident.

Whatever it is, can I repair it myself????
…and the A/C works like a allure, wonderful and chilly….

Even though– the coolant has experienced a small leak for several years. I just refill it each so frequently.

I checked the belt pressure already.

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I seen that you mentioned that you changed the belts “Prior to” this started happening. The clutch on the Air conditioning unit compressor might be on it’s way out. Are you positive the idler pulley isn’t poor? This is the belt tensioner on serpentine belt geared up autos. The Air conditioning puts a hefty load on the belt and can cause it to slip, which may be the squealing seem you are hearing. A simple way to locate out if the belt is tight sufficient is to buy a can of belt dressing at an auto components keep. With the motor operating, Air conditioning unit on, and being mindful not to get entangled in the belt or fan…spray the dressing to the underside of the belt an see if the squealing stops.

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    1. T Man says:

      Recheck you have the correct tension on the belts. The A/C going on increases the load.

      Also try checking the alignments are correct. You could also try rubbing a kids wax crayon on the sides of the belt to give it some lube….. that can sometimes fix it.

      But from what you describe it sounds like belt tension.

    2. James B says:

      It might be the clucth on the a/c condensor, or usually there is a bearing near there that could be making it squeal. But it is when the a/c is turned on that the A/C condensors clucth kicks on and grabs the belt.

    3. Opal1331 says:

      Yep, belts are either loose, or dry. New belts, if they have been stored for a long time, are dry and will squeal,, so, get some belt dressing and apply as per directions and tighten belt some more.
      If there is an “idler” pully, lubricate it also.
      Only other cause would be the magnetic clutch slipping, but that”s rare and cooling would suffer.

    4. Evan M says:

      You have a small pig caught in your AC.

    5. Patrick J says:

      My 1998 Honda Civic was making a loud squealing noise whenever I turned on the air conditioning and it turned out that the AC belt was too loose. The shop I had taken it to previously had put a power steering belt instead of an AC belt on and so the belt was always slipping because it was not tight enough.