Should I Replace The AC Dryer/accumulator Along With The AC Compressor

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I have a Honda Accord 2003 EX 2.4L Sedan and the AC compressor went bust after 105,000 miles. I bought a new AC compressor but I am not sure if I need to get an AC dryer as well. According to if I don’t replace the dryer, the compressor will break. If there any truth to this?


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    1. Wade R says:

      Not shure why but it is highly recomended. autozone sometimes sels them in sets.

    2. Colin says:

      It is a very good idea to replace the dryer. If there has been compressor failure, it would be a good idea to flush the entire system.

    3. **uncle Jed Sez** says:

      The dryer has a desiccant bag in it to trap moister. ( like changing your oil and not your oil filter)

      If the old compressor locked up you need to take all the lines apart and flush the system and replace the orifice tube/expansion valve which ever it has .

      . Also the warranty on the compressor is no good if you do not replace the dryer…………Short cut any of these and you will do it again………………….&&&

    4. Deviousone says:

      Yes and change the orifice tube also. Buy oil for the compressor, get 8 oz bottle with UV dye mixed. 6 ozs in compressor 2 in the dryer. Make sure you evacuate system before adding freon.

    5. Tronary says:

      Do you have any experience about what you are about to do ? Installing a compressor is a complicated job and if done wrong could ruin the new compressor. You need a vacuum pump, a manifold gauge set, the refrigerant (not freon), the proper oil in the specified amount, this should be described with the instructions that are supplied with the compressor. Do not attempt this job if you are not experienced.