If My AC Compressor Goes Out Can It Affect My Stereo In Any Way

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I have a 2004 Honda Accord and after two different shops looked at my car, I have been told that I need a new AC compressor kit because my AC is blowing hot air.

At the exact same time the compressor went out, my stereo stopped working??? The stereo turns on, but no sound comes out of my speakers.

Can these 2 issues be related in anyway?

Please help, thanks

There are 5 Answers for "If My AC Compressor Goes Out Can It Affect My Stereo In Any Way"

    1. Ryguy says:

      Check out your fuses!

    2. Dan D says:

      No your A/C has nothing to do with your stereo. If your stereo isn’t playing anything its likely your stereo.

    3. Keith P says:

      The answer to your question No

    4. R Young says:

      Not likely…unless the stereo is after market and someone hooked your power wire to the same fuse the A/C goes to.

    5. Br00k!3 says:

      Your ac might not be out! If theres not alot of freon in the system the ac will not trun on theres a presser swich in the system its by a round thing i cant remeber what its called any way take the plug off the sencer and get a peace of wire to by pass it and ur ac pump will trun on if this does not work ur ac pump is bad