How Much Do It Cost To Replace Ac Compressor On A 2003 Ford Taurus

Posted in Air Conditioning | Asked on Jan 12, 2012

How much do it cost to replace ac compressor on a 2003 ford taurus?

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  1. Pedro7of9 says:

    My WAG is about 400 to 600 dollars
    you can look up compressor cost any auto parts store,,,rock lowest cost ive ever seen,,,but compressor cost is least of it,,usually u need new beltmmfix hose leaks and new R 134 abd 2 or 3 hrs labor

  2. David says:

    From what i’ve seen $160 and up. depending on if you need clutch, and do it yourself.

  3. Michael says:

    About $650 – $950, slightly more for the parts than for the labor, and about $100 less labor if you don’t have the DOHC engine. You can put your details in the estimator below for a better idea what you are up against.

    It is not practical to replace a compressor yourself. The system has to be flushed to remove any debris from the old one, then vacuum tested and charged by weight. Failing to do any of those can destroy the new compressor.

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