Can You Replace Or Rebuild Just The AC Compressor Clutch Without Replacing The Whole Compressor

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1998 Dodge Durango. They sell just the bearings. If so how is it done? Its Squealing and making noise. The ac works great.

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    1. Unforgiven Shadow says:

      It is possible, if you have the knowhow. Having said that, it would be better for you to go ahead and replace the ac compressor as a unit, instead of trying to take it apart and fix that clutch and then have something else fail shortly after putting it back on. Add that the costs of a rebuild could make the job almost as expensive as just getting the compressor as a whole unit. Please also check your drier and evaporator for damage and wear as well. Good luck.

    2. Polkan47 says:

      NO.They don’t sell clutch assembly’s anymore.You need AC compressor.You’re not going to able to replace just a bearing because shaft(place where the bearing seats) is worn out.AC works great until bearing seized up.Then you will have real problem(broken serpentine belt,overheated motor,ect.).Will be better to replace AC compressor and Receiver/Dryer.Good luck.

    3. Alpenweg1 says:

      Compressor clutches are pretty universal!! You first have to remove the clutch and pulley assembly from the compressor!! A nut in the center holds them onto comp…shaft !! The magnetic action remains onto compressor!! There are two locking rings that hold the pulley and bearings in place!! Be careful as to where the shims that are in place go to replace them properly again!!
      Chilton’s books can be found in the library to give you a complete picture!! It is better to see the pic. and the exploded diagram!!!!!