97 Nissan Pickup AC Compressor Wont Turn On

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I have done the following:
1. r134a levels are good
2. jumpered direct from battery to compressor compressor runs
3. jumpered low pressure switch compressor does not run
4. no voltage at AC relay but compressor runs when I unplug the relay and jumper the open circuit.
5. the fuse is good
6. the dash compressor switch is good.

For some reason my AC relay is not getting voltage at the coil, I cannot figure out why, I have checked everything.

There are 3 Answers for "97 Nissan Pickup AC Compressor Wont Turn On"

    1. Thomas D says:

      Check the cig. lighter fuse.i know it sounds crazy but that was the problem in my 93.

    2. Jules G says:

      Check the ground to the relay coil. If this is defective the relay won’t pull in even when all other inputs are correct. By jumping the relay socket you are by – passing the fault. Jules. Mechanic. Australia

    3. Cyclops says:

      You seem to have done all the things, in checking out the basic , logic tree. My question to you , have you got access
      to a polarity tester. Pull the a/c relay and see if you get
      a signal to the relay socket terminal, when you press the a/c switch. If you dont the tester will let you know if the circut is open. You also need to check ,the high pressure switch on the circut and you should also have a thermal switch at the back of the compressor. If the compressor clutch draws to much power, it will destroy the circut between the relay and the dash switch. you said the dash switch is good, are you sure, it sends its signal to The ac relay.

      Ase Master tech