Will The Dealership Take My Piece Of Junk Used Car As A Trade In

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I’m thinking that trading my current car in on a newer used car may be the easiest way out of a sticky situation for me. The car is drivable, but not commuteable. It’s not holding a steady idle and the check engine light is on constantly. The mechanic said that the 3rd cylinder head probably needs to be replaced. So my question is, will the dealership even take it as a trade in? I still owe my credit union 2,000 on it and I am hoping that I can take out a new used car loan and have the balance of this loan transfered on to my new loan. What do you think?

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    1. UCANTCME says:

      Yep, they will do it.

    2. loonatic72 says:

      They’ll take anything it’s just what will they give you without making you go upside down on payments

    3. not4u2c_yet says:

      Sounds like you would have to find “a hell of a deal” used car to be able to borrow almost $2000 more than it’s worth.

      You’d be better off trying to sell the car, as is, than to try to trade it in. You’ll get closer to what you owe this way.

    4. Daniel says:

      its possible.

      i traded in a 91 explorer JUST AS the tranny blew out. they wanted to give me 50 for it but i talked them into 500 because i had recently replaced all the brakes.

      i doubt they’ll give you 2k for it, but ask for it- even if it sounds ridiculous.

    5. feffdaddy313 says:

      if the dealerships are in need to make sales…they will pull a rabbit out their a@#….i have seen cases where you could keep the junker and they will still roll over the 2 grand on the new loan…

    6. friedach says:

      I think you’re digging a deep financial hole to bury yourself with, but dealers want sales, and may “help you out”, for a consideration, of course. you will pay for this for a long time-can you really afford it? IF you get a deal and go ahead, make SURE the next one doesn’t die too before the whole is paid for.

    7. autosellingmaster says:

      Julia they can and will take it on trade. This is done everyday. Just make sure you get a good deal on the car you buy and do your homework. If you buy another used car take it to a mechanic and have it checked before you buy it. The amount of your old loan can be rolled into your new loan. If you owe $2K you should get something for your car and that will lower the amount you roll. Make sure to do your research and get a good deal on the car you buy!