How Much Would You Pay Monthly On A Loan For A $3000 Car

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Heard you need a job first in order to even approve for a loan. Anyone know how much monthly i would pay for a used car thats worth $2500-$3000?

Also forgot it would depend on how much i down Lets say i Down around $700

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    1. rus_rob1 says:

      it depends on the interest rate and how many years the loan is for.

    2. Steve I says:


    3. Who Me says:

      Depends on what your credit is also

    4. Mark G-C says:

      not much. thats a very small finance charge. u may as well just save up the 3 grand and screw financing a car at all. itll save money and shouldnt take u too long

    5. Vegas Matt says:

      You will not get a loan for a $3,000 car unless you go to one of those “buy here pay here” places. Banks do not give out small loans like that for cars unless it’s a personal loan, it which case the rates will be higher. They often deny those loans anyway, especially if you don’t have an established (at least 6 months) steady job.

      Buy here pay here places will probably give you a payment of about $200-$250 until it’s paid off. They won’t go lower than that because it’s a pain to deal with a person who’s not paying a $100 a month loan off, and with cars that cheap, they will often have serious problems before a 30 month loan gets paid off, and the people will stop paying or giving them crap about selling them a lemon (as if you can expect a perfect car for $3,000).

      Your best bet is to just save up until you’ve got a few thousand to buy a car in cash. Probably not what you want to hear, but it’s the reality of the situation you’re in.

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