Can I Trade In My Car If It Was Used As Collateral On A Loan

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We are wanting to trade in our gas guzzler jeep for a more economical car. However, the jeep was used for collateral on a loan. Is it possible to trade it in, then replace the jeep title with the title of the newly purchased car on the loan?

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    1. Soula3 says:

      you can’t trade it in if this another lien on it. you would need to pay off that loan in order to trade in the truck

    2. dave007 says:

      Call up your lender and indicate your intentions. The lender will have to issue a letter of lien release to the dealership in order for them to legally accept the vehicle as a trade. Keep your original lender informed of the deal. They shouldn’t have a problem cooperating. They will check Kelly Blue Book to ensure that the replacement value of the vehicle will satisfy the collateral amount.

      Hope this helps


    3. Scott H says:

      No. The Jeep has a lien on it and you can’t sell it until the lien is satisfied.

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